Brainstorm Seminars

In our brainstorm seminars, we gather with experts on one specific topic to have in-depth discussions. As opposed to conferences, we take the time to identify the core questions that need to be resolved. The output of these seminars can have different forms, but will all contain a ‘call for research’ on specific questions. This will enable the research field to mature further.

Brainstorm Seminar on Conformance Checking Metrics (February 8-9, 2018)

This Brainstorm Seminar on Conformance Checking Metrics is the first seminar organized by the Scientific Research Community on Process Mining . This seminar aimed to harmonize different views on quality metrics for discovery algorithms, and conformance checking in general. The outcome goal is to establish a clear research agenda for conformance checking, which will improve the metrics for quality measurement, as well as the usability and understandability of process discovery for non-experts in the long run.

Brainstorm Seminar Metrics – Program