Process Mining – Expanding the Horizon

Welcome to the Scientific Research Community on Process Mining!

This community connects scientific researchers in the field of process mining. Supported by the Flemish (Belgium) research foundation, this community interchanges research ideas and aspires to synergetic research collaborations all over the world.

The focus of our research efforts is to lay the methodological foundation for process mining as a mature research discipline, move the focus from understanding existing processes towards intelligently shaping future processes, and expand process mining from a strict process notion to a more widely applicable behavioral notion.

More specifically, we address three challenges:

  • Challenge #1 – Evaluation of process mining algorithms
  • Challenge #2 – Predictive and prescriptive process monitoring
  • Challenge #3 – Event Data and Behavioural Analytics

These challenges will be the main focus of this research community over the period 2022-2026. To consult the focus and the output of the predecessor of this research community, access this page.

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