Belgian Process Mining Research Day

The idea of a Belgian research day on process mining (BPMRD) arose at a meeting of (mainly Belgian) process mining researchers at the international Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE) 2011 in London and took place for the first time in 2011 at Hasselt University. After the second edition in 2012 in Ghent, the initiative stagnated. In 2016, the initiative was re-launched and it fostered again inspiring research discussions.

With the advent of this international research community, the Belgian initiative is enriched with keynotes of the international community.

BPMRD 2017

On May 31, 2017, the annual Belgian Process Mining Research Day will take place at Ghent Unviersity. Barbara Weber (University of Denmark) will give a keynote on dealing with event data stemming from different modalities.

The BPMRD is a national workshop where process mining researchers meet to discuss research.
It is an ideal occasion:
– for master and starting PhD students to get feedback on a PhD project proposal
– for more experienced PhD students to discuss their work with senior researchers
– for postdocs to discuss potential research lines
– for professors to initiate collaboration and discuss the field
– etc.
Anything is possible! Just reserve a slot and prepare as you like to get the most out of it.

The BPMRD is an informal event. There is no reviewing process and there are no proceedings. The main purpose is a) enabling joint research between the flemish research units and b) inject our research ideas with international thoughts.

9:00 Keynote by Barbara Weber (including discussion)
10:30 Break
11:00 Presentations
13:00 Sandwich lunch
14:00 Presentations
16:00 Break
16:30 Presentations
18:00 Break
18:30 Diner in city center of Ghent

– send an e-mail to with your name, affiliation and a rough idea about your (planned) research in the process mining field
– Let me know if you would like to reserve a slot for a presentation, discussion, demonstration, …
– The full event (including breaks, lunch and diner) is free for academic Belgian process mining researchers (main affiliation), thanks to FWO!

– Ghent University, Hoveniersberg 24, room Van Acker, 3th floor
– By public transport: take train to Gent Sint-Pieters, take tram 1 to halte Gent Verlorenkost, walk to entrance Hoveniersberg
– By car: you can park in public parking Sint-Pietersplein, walk to entrance Tweekerkenstraat

Barbara Weber (TU Denmark – keynote), Mathijs Creemers (UHasselt), Galina Deeva (KU Leuven), Pieter De Koninck (KU Leuven), Benoît Depaire (UHasselt), Jochen De Weerdt (KU Leuven), Frederik Gailly (UGent), Glenn Herpoelaert (UGent), Mehrnush Hosseinpour (UHasselt), Mieke Jans (UHasselt), Bambang Jokonowo (UGent), Toon Jouck (UHasselt), Niels Martin (UHasselt), Steven Mertens (UGent), Geert Poels (UGent), Rongija Song (KU Leuven),  and Jan Claes (UGent)